KJ Apa Vanessa MorganThey lean on one another as they navigate (exhaustingly!) their new parenting lives.

These are their RiverdaleToni Topaz and Archie Andrews may not be best friends, but they have a special bond since having their first child together. In an exclusive interview with CelebHomes News, Vanessa revealed that she and KJ talk about their little ones “all the time” when on set.

CelebHomes News’ CelebHomes News correspondent, CelebHomes News, July 21, stated that it was “really nice having someone on set who gets this, and understands how parenting is like.  And who knows how wonderful it can be?

Vanessa, 30, gave birth to her son RiverIn January 2021 she was still living with her husband, despite their divorce. Michael Kopech. KJ, 25, welcomed his first child with girlfriend Clara Berry—a son named Sasha—in September 2021.

As parents, the actress noted the sacrifices she and her co-star have to make, saying they “can’t just do the things that everybody else can.”