So, what’s next? Block may offer something for country music lovers: he hopes to perform on the “CMT Crossroads” stage. Lizzo

You might be wondering what they would sing. 

“‘Truth Hurts’ and ‘Thick Thighs,'” she answers. It seems like we could do a smash up. And I want freaking Lizzo to be on the flute during ‘Thick Thighs.’ It’s happening. We can see each other twerking. “It’s only going to be one moment.” 

Priscilla makes a lot of jokes about her audience during live shows, saying that if they forget their names, all they need to do is type in “Thick Thighs” into Google and it will bring up her song. Let’s prove all the rumors, Lizzo!   

Block said, “I don’t worry about what others think,” Block added. Block said, “I am a curvy little girl. Why can’t you sing about it, too?” It’s amazing to see the reaction from people. It’s like, ‘Why wouldn’t I own this and be proud of it?'”

OMG! And how about the block party? Priscilla asks that the Kardashians are the guest of honor. However, she does have one condition. They can be hosts! It would be great because their party will be much more fun than mine!  

Priscilla Block can be seen at any of the Welcome to the Block Party Tour dates, now through October.