You learn by doing. William stated that there is no set of rules. British GQ in 2017, adding, “Having that difference in how we do things makes the royal family more interesting and more flexible. We would become stifled if we followed the same course. We all have different personalities and different views.

He said the queen had done “a remarkable job leading the country—her vision, her sense of duty, her loyalty, her steadfastness, it has been unwavering.” And so far he felt the monarchy was well-positioned to keep up with the times. But, he added, “You are only as good as your last gig and it is really important you look forward, plan, have a vision.”

A 73 year-old woman Prince Charles still planning to assume the throne when duty calls, the current plan is for father and son to  “work closely together,” a royal insider told Us Weekly in February, in mapping out their vision.