Distance may make your heart love you more

So it seems. Kim Kardashian Pete DavidsonThe comedian and the couple have been separated physically since the beginning of last month, as the comedy is being shot Wizards! in Australia. The SKIMS founder, however, was seen making a short trip to Australia with her boyfriend. She is now back in Los Angeles where she lives with her children.

Kim’s relationship with Kim has been unaffected despite their distance. A source close to Kim told CelebHomes News

According to an insider, “The distance between Pete and Kim hasn’t been an obstacle for their relationship while he’s away filming.” “They’re still strong and trying to make it work.”

And although Kim’s recent trip was only for a short period of time, the two have made the effort to stay just as close during when they’re away from each other. The source says that “When they’re apart, they communicate constantly” and “FaceTime continuously”.