Something old, something new—and something totally cute.

Sterling, the little girl of Patrick MahomesAnd Brittany Matthews. At their Maui, Hawaii wedding, the couple’s daughter appears to have impressed guests.

Brittany posted photos to Instagram March 16 showing Sterling, 1. He was seen riding down the aisle on a blue mini-convertible. Sterling’s wedding gown was featured in the photos, featuring lace and feathers as well as a white bow.

Brittany writes, “Having your little girl apart of the wedding just hits different.” “I love you sister girl.”

Patrick, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, took the opportunity to comment on photos of his daughters and their wedding day. With three red heart emoticons, he said “My girls”.

Sterling’s sleek ride received many comments from fans. A user wrote, “Her tiny car!” So precious!” One more: “..i feel like my heart has just exploded.”