Oscar IsaacKnows a lot about passionate fans. 

He starred in the role of Poe Dameron three times. Star Wars movies and in the science fiction epic Dune, Added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe via the Disney+ series Moon Knight, premiering March 30.

All three projects feature some of the most fiery fan bases around, but Isaac has been able to appreciate the differences in all of them.

“I think Star WarsIt was especially frenzied for The Force Awakens,” he told CelebHomes News. It was about bringing the story back. After a long time, there was now a brand new chapter to the story. This was like an intense religious frenzy. DuneIt is much closer to Lord of the RingsIt is very literary. These books have been a part of our lives for many years. They are fascinating conversation starters.”

Isaac sees the value in playing a role that isn’t a household name when it comes to Isaac’s latest venture.