Couples were hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, which included Ne-Yo He and his wife.

The singer of “Because of You,” spoke about his marital problems with his wife Crystal RenayCelebHomes News interviewed me in an exclusive interview Daily Pop.

Ne-Yo explained that during quarantining the couple felt like they were considering divorce. The couple emerged stronger after having difficult conversations.

“It’s hard to love someone that you really care about as a human being. “You care about what they feel,” he said to hosts. Justin Sylvester Loni Love. “Since telling them about themselves is difficult, they might not like it. It can also be hard for them to know about yourself.

Their relationship difficulties are at the center of his new song, “Don’t Love Me,” which he wrote during the pandemic. Ne-Yo called the song an open letter to Crystal and admitted that it was sometimes easier to communicate his emotions through music.