A successful kitchen remodel can transform your home. But for many the idea of remodeling is daunting. The biggest question homeowners are asking is, how long does a kitchen remodel take?

Here is our guide to a realistic schedule for how long your kitchen remodel process should take. 

How Long Does A Kitchen Remodel Take?

Many homeowners are surprised to find out a typical kitchen remodel takes between three and six months. But this is because they don’t factor in the planning required to ensure your remodel is a success. 

Planning and Design, 1-3 Months

Planning, finding a contractor, and the design process can take anywhere from one to three months depending on the scope of your project. You have probably done a lot of the planning already, deciding how you want your kitchen to look. But now it is time to make it a reality. 

Unless you are planning on conducting a DIY remodel or have experience managing contractors you are probably going to be finding a general contractor to manage your project.

It is important you take your time at this step. Finding the right kitchen remodeling contractor is essential as your new kitchen is in their hands. Use referrals and take as many meetings as you need to feel confident in your contractor. Rushing this step will lead to frustration, going over budget, and blowing out the timeline. 

The design stage allows you to choose your new appliances, countertops, cabinets, paint colors, and flooring. Make sure you know what you want before you begin. Visit showrooms, homes of family and friends, and seek multiple opinions.

If you are not clear on the design before you start it is likely you won’t be satisfied with the final product. 

Finally is ordering products. This can take 1-2 months, especially if you are sourcing from multiple suppliers. Allow time for damages and returns. 

Construction, 1-3 Months

If you have done a good job planning and found the right contractor you should be able to complete construction on the lower end of this range. Remember that your construction phase is much more disruptive than your planning phase so do not hesitate to slow the project down during planning if things are not right. 

The first job is kitchen removal. This can take 2-3 days or 2-3 months depending on the scope of the project. If you are making changes to your exterior or loadbearing walls this will require significant work. If you are remodeling your current space this can be done much faster. 

Next is fitting utilities. Any changes that need to be made to your plumbing gas or electricity for your new kitchen layout. This is necessary if you want to move appliances such as your dishwasher or stove.

The more you move the longer it will take. Expect between 2-14 days depending on your scope and contractor schedule. It is not uncommon for projects to stall here waiting for a plumber to be available even though the electrical work has been completed. 

Painting and installation is next. You will want to paint before you install your cabinets and floors. Once the painting is done you will install your flooring, cabinets, appliances, lighting, and countertops.

Each of these will take between two and four days. It is also important to note that you will need to install appliances in two parts. First, the major appliances that are built-in before your countertops, then those that need to be fitted after your countertops are installed. 

Finally is finishing, such as carpentry, minor appliances, and decorative inclusions.

Your New Kitchen

Now you have an answer to your question, how long does a kitchen remodel take? You can proceed with your project with confidence. Remember the key takeaways are that proper planning is essential to staying within budget, on time, and getting you the kitchen of your dreams. Even though the planning phase can drag your project out it will save you a lot of stress long term. If you liked this article check out the rest of our home improvement blog.