Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

If it’s to Paul Thomas AndersonThe latest film from? Licorice PizzaStar power is everywhere. Starting Sean Penn and Maya Rudolph to Bradley Cooper and Alana Haim, the casting alone is enough to get any movie fan intrigued.

But as the coming-of-age flick plays in select theatres, some moviegoers may spot Leonardo DiCaprio‘s father, George, making a cameo. In a new interview with The New York Times journalist Kyle Buchanan, Paul explained how it all came to be.

“I created a picture of a guy who owned a wig shop that sold these water beds, I couldn’t put my finger on it,” he recalled. “I kept saying, ‘Who do I know that looks like this?’ And like a bolt of lightning, I remember, like, ‘Leo’s dad looks exactly like this.'”

After he tracked George down,” Paul was delightedYou can find more information here find out that the 78-year-old writer was interested in being part of the project.