You can file this under Things that could get a bit weird.

Blake SheltonChatted with Jimmy FallonWhen you make an appearance at the Tonight ShowDec. 2, with two of their friends catching up on everything The Voiceand her latest album. Additional information includes: Tonight Show host also wanted details about Blake and Gwen Stefani’s summer nuptials—which he didn’t receive an invitation for.

This is why I believe we should explain it a bit better. Like: First, Blake made a swipe at people’s early views about their romance, joking, “We like to take our publicity stunts all the way.” The only way to get married was, naturally, he said. 

Blake joked about Jimmy’s absence from the ceremony. 

The “Honey Bee” singer joked that there was only room for one NBC presenter at the wedding. We had Carson.

Jimmy acknowledged that he wasn’t offended. He held up a photo side-by-side of Blake and Gwen as children, noting that no one could have been offended by those expressions. The humor started to get a bit wild.