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COVID-19 has put an end to live entertainment. Your favorite musicians are now ready for the road, and will entertain their fans with new tours and experiences. We offer all-access tickets to any must-see concert, regardless of your location. Welcome to CelebHomes’s Backstage Pass.

The summer of 2008 LeAnn RimesEveryone wants to be happy.

She’s now able to go on tour for the second time in almost two years. But the country singer has also reached an impressive accomplishment. It has been 25 years since her debut album was released in 2022. Blue. LeAnn now travels to the most iconic songs of her career. the story…so far tour.

“We’re celebrating!” LeAnn shared exclusive details with CelebHomes News. “We’re celebrating! I’m known for singing ballads, and my tour has been laid-back. The pace is now a bit slower and the experience is just as enjoyable.