There are many things that could go wrong in the DMs.
Where? Kelianne Stankus, 26, came across Chase MattsonShe couldn’t stop looking at her Instagram account. The TikTok Star’s smile and green eyes made her want to learn more, according to his Instagram profile. As a result, she messaged him to say hi.
After Chase, 27, spotted the message on April 25, 2020—yes, he remembers the exact date—he couldn’t leave her hanging.
“She had a nice butt,” he joked to CelebHomes News at eBay & GBK Brand Bar’s pre-Oscars 2022 event before revealing what actually impressed him the most. She just felt genuine and authentic. These days, it’s very difficult to find someone like her.
Nearly two years later, they are married and have started planning the wedding of their dreams. But even though they never imagined that Chase and Kelianne would fall in love, the two are enjoying each moment of their marriage. The pair are hard at work finalizing the big day with less than two months remaining.