Richie commented on the red carpet, “You never know who Prince Charming might be.” Elliot was 12 years old when I met him, and 13 years later when he turned 12. So I’m familiar with the entire family. It’s amazing.

They also contributed to the episode’s May 8 Mother’s Day segment, which narrowed down season 20’s competition to the final five contestants.

Richie was the winner of one night’s most impressive performances. Nicolina “incredible.” Perry agreed and told CelebHomes News: “I believe tonight she was at her best.”

Perry was also impressed with the other contestants Noah ThompsonAnd Fritz Hager, who had to perform remotely because of positive COVID-19 diagnoses.

Perry stated that Perry believed they were trying to play it off but they didn’t feel great. “I think for as bad as they were feeling—I mean, Noah sounded the best he ever sounded, I think, in my opinion.”