Kailia PoseyAccording to the late, “found the best in everyone,” Toddlers & Tiaras star’s mother.

CelebHomes News has an exclusive interview Marcy Posey, Gatterman recalled heartwarming memories of her daughter, who died by suicide at age 16 on May 2.

She was kind and generous with everyone. She was a good person. Kailia was her inspiration, she stated. “You would never know she was in a movie—[the 2019 film] EliYou can also call it on Toddlers & TiarasIf you did not watch it. It wasn’t something she spoke about, and it was not anything that she said. Still humble and grateful for the good things in life.

Marcy said Kailia was her “best friend” who was “goofy” and “a hard worker.”

She said, “It was a normal thing for her to go outside and shovel snow for neighbor’s houses if they needed it.” She was open to trying everything. She was sweet, kind and hardworking. Her favorite thing about her were the hugs.

Marcy recalled, “I just remember [her]She started screaming my name every time she came home from school. ‘Mom! Mom!’ Mom!