One loyal fan Justin Bieber will always be much more than just a singer.

The ABC has a brand new special called Escape From a House of Horror, Jordan Turpin spoke out about her decision to call 911, which ultimately saved her and her siblings from their parents’ captivity.

Talking with Diane SawyerJordan gave Justin credit for helping her see the beauty in the world. 

She shared a glimpse clip of the Nov. 19 special, “I don’t know where I would be” and said that she didn’t see Justin Bieber. My father and mother would sometimes leave, particularly when we were young. Older siblings would get in on it and switch the TV on. The older ones would sneak in and turn on the TV to see music videos. That’s how we learned so much. Justin Bieber was a favorite of mine. 

Jordan was captivated by many of his songs, including “As long as you love me,” “Boyfriend”, and “Baby,” but it was the interviews with Jordan that proved to be a valuable tool.