Do not wait, the red light is coming Jung Ho-yeon may be back for season two of Squid Game?

Well, Perhaps. Samstag, Squid GameCreator Hwang Dong-hyukHe is trying to think of ideas for the season 2 of South Korean survival drama. 

“There will be many more amazing games. This is all I can tell you.” Hwang told Deadline in an interview with Jung. I’m still collecting ideas and brainstorming new ones for Season 2, but that is just what Hwang told Deadline. The writing is still a long way off.

Though he said that many of the of the characters will not return “because most of them are dead,” Hwang promised to “try something to bring them back to Season 2.”

Jung teased him, stating, “Let’s suppose she might have a sister. You’ll be able to see.”

Jung would be welcome to join the crew? 

It seems so. She laughed and said, “I could alter my hair color.” “Let’s do a little like plastic surgery.”