This would have been the worst 15–minute work break ever.  

John KrasinskiIt has been revealed that Jim and Pam, the beloved couple from sitcoms, could have become just Jim. It is hard to imagine TV without the I love you forever marriage. Fans could have wept as loudly as Niagara Falls had they ended the show.

On Nov. 16, The New York PostAccording to reports, the romance between these two characters could have come under attack if Jim Krasinski didn’t accept one scene that would change their lives.

Brian BaumgartnerA new, tell-all book Dunder Mifflin, The Ultimate Oral History and Story of The OfficeKrasinski revealed that Krasinski was the creator of the show. Greg DanielsJim could cheat on his girl of dreams in Season Eight, according to a suggestion by.

Pam, the creator of “After Hours,” was in charge of writing the script.Jenna FischerCathy was her replacement and she is currently on maternity leave.Lindsey BroadJim takes a friend (the temp worker) along on an assignment to Florida. Krasinski was told by his coworker that Jim had a sexy encounter in a hotel. He closed the room door and went on to read about it.