Pole dancing coach Johanna SapakieThought she was done with her job. Jennifer LopezThe 2019 film will be released. Hustlers…that was, until she got a call about the superstar’s 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Sapakie, CelebHomes News digital series host said that “rehearsing to the halftime show can be incredibly intense.” While you were streamingOn June 14, “Everyone remains focused and determined to do the right thing.”

Super Bowl Performance with the singer, actress and dancer ShakiraThis is the topic of the Netflix documentary Jennifer Lopez: The Halftime ShowThe premiere of aired on June 14th. Sapakie stated that, like all projects Lopez takes on, she’s there for the right reasons. She is here to take down the game. She wants to leave an impression.

Instructor continued: “When she’s in the room together, she demands and expects that everyone else be the same.”

Sapakie found it difficult to fit pole dancing practice into Lopez’s hectic schedule. The Grammy nominee and Sapakie found a solution.