Whitney cracked a joke about how her life did not make sense, despite the amount of money that she had. It was not something I expected. She thought she had a sugar daddy.

Cut to doorbell security camera footage of NYPD officers, Homeland Security and numerous SWAT team members raiding Jen’s home with rifles drawn. One of Jen’s children is seen being taken out of his chalet by Homeland Security officers with his arms raised in the air.

Lisa FaceTimes Meredith MarksJen’s arrest is being reported by the owner of the vacation rental. Meredith, who is setting up the vacation rental, admits that she was not shocked by Jen’s arrest. “Too many factors didn’t add together, and I suspected there was something going on for some time. Now it seems like my suspicions have been confirmed.

While there’s no actual footage of Jen being handcuffed, we do see her exiting jail later that day as news crews swarm her.