Jamie DornanThe problem was not easy to solve.50 Shades of Grey critics—even though he knew they’d be coming for him.

The 39-year-old actor—who played Christian Grey oppositeDakota Johnson Anastasia Steele in the film franchise—expected the backlash, but all that negativity was still hard to wrap his head around. “There is nothing like 50 ShadesIn terms of the books it was, we were keeping very close to them. The fandom loved these books. The books were loved by a fandom. BelfastAn actor said British GQOn Monday, November 15, live chat The books were hated by real critics. 

He added, “You know you’re going be having these movies for the fans that the fans love, and that will make a lot of money. The critics will just be you know, licking each other’s lips. And that’s what exactly happened. That was what we expected so that you can watch that unfold and it’s sometimes f —–g frustrating.”