According to the 31-yearold, she said that “To remain in the mix alongside girls who are legit half my age is really amazing and powerful. It’s testament to taking care of my body over the past few years, really trying my best to nurture both my spiritual side and my physical body.” It’s a tough sport. Although it could turn any direction, I am confident. I feel good.”

Jamie, a Fresh N’ Lean partner has taken advantage the meal delivery service for meals, particularly when she is busy with practice. The company helped Jamie maintain her healthy diet, as nutrition is a major part of her training.

“I care a lot about eating healthy food. It’s sometimes difficult to find whole foods, organic foods and things that suit your dietary requirements. This is something I have always believed in,” she stated. The Fresh N’ Lean deliveries have been a great experience. You can get exactly what you need. These are easy to cook and taste great.