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Celebrities seem to have a great hair day, whether they are at fashion week or going to pilates classes. We would love to be able to relate.

We’ve been doing this for months Try To achieve the look of a model with off-duty duties, try slicked back hair. Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber Bella HadidRegularly rep. However, it proved impossible to stop flyaways from entering our hair without flooding them with an excessive amount of product. Then, our TikTok algorithm found the solution: Tancho Tique Stick

TikToker is now viral in a video Arielle Lorre This is how Hailey Bieber’s and Kendall Jenner’s hairdressers work. Irinel de León She introduced her to Tancho’s famous hair pomade. This is what the models use for their perfect slicked back hairstyles.

Arielle says that although the Amazon Stick is out of stock, it has an interesting smell. The stick works the same way and doesn’t have a smell. We ordered the stick right after she finished her video, as you can see.

In the last few days other artists have shared their tricks and tips for sleek hairstyles. Many of them also advocate the Tigi stick.

We have compiled a list of styling products that can be used to achieve slicked-back hairstyles.