Spoiler Alert! This article includes details about the HBO finale Unsecure

It is so difficult to let go.

The Emmy-nominated HBO hit “Dec. 26” will air on HBO. Unsecure came to a close after five seasons of protagonist Issa (Issa Rae) navigating love and friendship in Los Angeles. 

The last episode, “Everything Gonna Be, Okay?!” Nathan was the main character in this episode.Kendrick SampsonThen, she skipped ahead and saw Lawrence finally get engaged.Jay Ellis). As her friend Molly, fans also saw Issa as a confident woman with a successful company.Yvonne OrjiTaurean will be a bride to her (Leonard Robinson).

It’s the happy ending fans craved. In the HBO post-show, Insecure: Wine Down With Issa Rae & Prentice PennyThe show’s creator explained why Lawrence and her main character should walk in the sunset together in episode 10. 

“I knew from the beginning that I did not want them to be together. I was like ‘I want more for our girl.’ She said that she felt like we’d told our love story, but it was tragically over.” She said, “But I wanted to continue a love story.”