Don’t underestimate the power and dedication of an avid fandom.

After Harry Styles lost his Gucci lion ring (valued at $350) while performing at Coachella on April 22, fans were determined to return the jewelry back to Harry’s House.

Mission achieved.

Harry was first seen on TODAY on May 19 to kick off the Citi Concert Series he was rocking the now infamous lion bling.

Speak to the hosts Savannah Guthrie, Carson DalyPlease see the following: Hoda Koch, Harry explained how the reunion came to be. He said that some fans had gotten in touch with someone to find it, and they received it back “just yesterday.”

The Twitter account was created after the Coachella disaster. @hereharrysring was established by the people who found the ring with the purpose of getting the designer piece back to Harry. 

“We found the ring Friday night at Coachella & is in our possession,” reads a tweet from the account. In the hopes that someone will return it, we tried to contact multiple accounts.