Hannah said taking a moment to reflect on family relationships and “having it all on paper” can help readers “start to see where you can connect the dots of, like, some of these patterns in your life.”

“The more I’ve gone to therapy the more I’ve realized when I go back home…there’s this anxiety [and]”I don’t get why this is creeping up,” she stated. It’s not because I hate my family, but certain things can trigger or upset families,” she explained. It is important to understand that boundaries can help you to communicate with your family and to be more effective in communicating. You can’t control who you are or what your family was born into. But you have the power to choose how to communicate and set boundaries.

She added, “And so, I hope that those pages in the journal can really help because we all have family issues. Many of us have dysfunctional families. It’s why we are all different. That’s also what makes each of us special. The journal can celebrate that.