We finally obtained possession after only 10 episodes. Ghosts.

During the Dec. 9 episode of the CBS comedy, a home improvement project led to Jay (Utkarsh ambudkar) merging with Hetty Woodstone (Rebecca Wisocky). Jay and Samantha were able to take possession at the perfect time.Rose McIver() met up with a prominent wedding planner in order to show their estate, which was in desperate need of renovations, as an ideal location.

Hilarity resulted, in large part thanks to Ambudkar’s attempt at Hetty within Jay’s bodies. And, in an exclusive chat with CelebHomes News, Ambudkar made it clear that he was thrilled to take on both characters for the episode.

Jay said that it was nice to “sort of push the boundaries of the characters” and see the other high-minded jinks Jay could get into. Jay and Sam often help to create these amazing characters. It’s really enjoyable and satisfying. But to have the chance to play ghost was awesome. “I was extremely excited.”