Some moments are best kept between two people.

While Gabby WindeyAnd Rachel RecchiaThe journey of finding love just begins for’s season 19 BacheloretteThey are talking about Fantasy Suites already. CelebHomes News was the exclusive source of information for these Bachelorettes. Daily PopThat they kept their family out of the intimate details was a great feat.

“We just don’t talk about it,” Gabby admitted on July 12, with Rachel adding, “I feel like they’re almost desensitized at this point from last season kind of going awry. It’s something that you can’t talk about and it’s very private. Last season was different.

Fantasy Suites make a huge deal The BachelorFranchise, where the leads of the show get to meet their last contestants one-on-one before choosing who they will propose to.

And they are certainly a big deal for Gabby and Rachel, as they each went to Fantasy Suites with Bachelor Clayton EchardIn the 26th episode of Season 26, they lost their hearts when he chose not to return his three final contestants. Susie Evans.