Nobody is perfect. Eminem quite like Hailie Jade.
Eminem’s exwife was the mother of Eminem’s 25-yearold daughter. Kimberly MathersShe proved her worthiness by proving that AlwaysShe was one of her most faithful listeners and posted the Spotify Wrapped 2021 results. In case you don’t use Spotify, each year at the close of the year the streaming audio service tracks and lists the most popular songs from that year. The curated results are available for you to share.
Hailie pridefully pointed out that Hailie’s dad is not the most-listened artist, and she sits at the top of Hailie’s charts.SheIn turn, he is ranked in the top three percent of Eminem listeners. It’s a great example of father-daughter bonding.
Hailie was notoriously quiet about their intimate relationship. Hailie’s clip made it easy for fans to feel all the feelings in less than ten seconds. A fan said that “This makes me so happy” and another wrote “This is my favorite thing all week.” One third added, “We love a supportive and loving family.”