We are pleasantly surprised by the blossoming love.

A source close to Demi LovatoCelebHomes News Exclusively reveals that Confident singer and musician is JutesAfter forming a partnership in the industry, they have been secretly dating for several months.

The insider shared that Demi and Jutes met when they were working together on music. The insider shares that things are progressing well, and they share a lot of commonalities. Music is what they share.

This new relationship comes two years after Demi parted ways from ex-fiancé Max Ehrich. According to the source, Jutes “restored her faith in this department” after she “forgave dating for some time”.

The insider said that Demi is “definitely smitten” and added that Demi, Jutes have been “having a lot more time together.”

Demi may not be the only person who is happy about their connection. The insider said, “Everyone believes that he is truly good for her.”

Recently, the couple made public their love after they went on a date in New York City. CelebHomes News was told by an eyewitness that they were “extremely happy” walking together.