Dakota JohnsonShe didn’t have to conduct a lot of research in order to fulfill her role. The Lost Daughter.

Actress Nina, 32 years old, plays the role of a young mother in the film. Maggie Gyllenhaal-helmed film, recently spoke to CelebHomes News about her part in the psychological drama, joking that she “didn’t Google ‘f—ked up women'” when getting into the dark character.

She said “Oh it’s there already” in an interview she did with Gyllenhaal, Gyllenhaal, and their co-stars. Olivia ColmanAnd Jessie Buckley. The group laughed out loud at the comment.

“I think there’s so much in all of us and having the opportunity to just let some of it live—the space that Maggie created—I was able to go into the deeper, darker, more confused, more complex and intricate,” Johnson explained of her process. Johnson said that she believes all people are similar. It’s rare when you have an opportunity to go there, to be real—rather than to be perfect, something that has to fit in a certain box.”

Johnson is not the same as art, but that does not mean art should imitate Johnson. As Colman noted: “Don’t underestimate the imagination of actors as well.”