Chef José AndrésIt hopes to comfort and feed the Ukrainian people.

The Michelin-starred chef helped provide meals to those fleeing the war through his nonprofit World Central Kitchen, José told NPR. 

He said, “At the very least, feeding people makes sense.” He said, “Longer tables and people working together to ensure that we all have a chance of better tomorrows.”

His team set up kitchens the day after the Russian invasion began, eventually partnering with restaurants in 12 Ukrainian cities, in addition to locations in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

“It kind of breaks your heart, because you wonder why we need to be putting young people—men and women—in this situation of having to go to defend their country and putting their lives at risk,” José added. Nothing makes sense.

He documented his efforts on social media and shared to TwitterHow food can be used to resist on March 17.