Hollywood once was a great place. Brad Pitt  Alia Shawkat sparked romance rumors.

Although their interactions were purely friendly, 32-year old actress has not forgotten the 2019-2020 buzz about their relationship.

The frenzy seems to have subsided, thankfully. Interview with The New Yorker if people still follow her around in hopes of getting close to Pitt, Shawkat replied, “Thank God, no. It was hot when it arrived and went as fast as possible. It occurred during covid and it was all my fault. It was very strange. It’s almost like I was in a strange dream.

What did Pitt think about all of the attention? Shawkat claims that the Oscar-winning Oscar-winner, 58 years old, “did not even know” about it.

She continued, “Which she finds so hilarious.” Because he didn’t understand that s—t. This whole thing is happening, and I am being monitored. He was like, “I’m sorry.” It does happen. It happens if you are with me. “He had absolutely no idea.”