It Black Bird cast may be biased, but they think the show is one of the best out there.

Apple TV+’s series on the true-life story of Jimmy KeeneAccused serial killer Larry DeWayne HallThe acclaimed performances of Taron Egerton, Paul Walter HauserGreg KinnearAnd Sepideh Maafi. The best part of the show, according to the actors, is Dennis LeHane‘s writing.

He was the screenwriter Shutter IslandGone Baby GoneAnd Mystic RiverThe story is sprinkled with subtle details to show the character’s nuance and story. Sepideh said that Dennis’s script was a psychological thriller and deeply human. Sepideh said, “He makes people human in a way that is impossible for us to imagine.”

Sepideh, who plays the fictional detective Lauren McCauley, noted that Larry (Paul) is accused of murdering numerous women, and “as impossible as it is to see this potential killer as as a human being, somehow we are able to humanize this person.”