“When he came to pick up the shoes, it turned out my dad’s hunch about my mom was right,” she shared, explaining that the manager at the store said that Fisher had frequented their New York City boutique back in the day. It was serendipity! It was pure serendipity!

As for jewelry, Lourd wore her mother’s fire opal ring as her “something blue” alongside her engagement ring from Rydell, which included a diamond that the actor had reset from Fisher’s own engagement ring, according to Vogue.

The ceremony included many nods towards the late. Star Wars icon, including Fisher’s two best friends, Gavin DeBeckerAnd Bruce WagnerThey were also officiants. Lourd said that it was “the most touching and hysterically brillant officiating ever seen in history.” We threw glitter into the air after the ceremony, in Carrie style. It was beautiful. It was perfect.