This story is all about how. Jabari Banks plans to usher in a new era of storytelling. 

Start with Peacocks Bel-Air and how the reboot explores race and class. Banks who portrays Will in dramatic version of the story, said “We are opening these conversations.” Bel-Air’s Fresh Prince, explained on CelebHomes News’ You should watch: Black Voices. “It’s something that the original didn’t really have the opportunity to do, being in a sitcom format. You know what? It is a reflection on our world. Sometimes it even gets ugly.”

He said that this means you should avoid the temptation to tell “sugarcoat stories” and added, “We want truth now.”

It’s hard to believe otherwise Bel-AirThere are also some funny and lighthearted moments. There are even callbacks to the original show and several Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the series.

For Banks, the connection between Bel-AirHis own life seems almost meta. 

He said, “There are many parallels and similarities between my and Will’s lives. Coming from Philly and L.A.,” and he continued.