Holly says that that was not the case that night.

The alleged incident was described by her as “he literally pushed me on top.” It happened. I was embarrassed, mortified, and the incident had a much greater emotional impact than I expected.

Holly explained that she “had always admired Hef” and had “really looked up to him” long before she became one of his girlfriends. Holly said she worried most about what other Playboys would think of their encounter.

She said that it wasn’t the thought of having sex together with him that repelled her. The group part was what was most outlandish for me and it was just that feeling of ‘Wow. It happened. Everyone knows that it occurred.

According to Holly, she had this “fear of ‘well, everybody knows it,'” adding, “All of a sudden it felt like everybody was going to know about me and I was horrified by it.”