Hoda Kotb is Adopting another Baby! She says…

It’s time to move on from the past and embrace the future.
TodayShow co-host Hoda KochShe is now bringing this saying to life with her new hair transformation. She hosted the episode Dec. 21 as a brunette. This was a result of a “happy accident”
Her guest co-host said, “You’re right, there are some things that can be, happy accidents.” Sheinelle Jones. She explained that she was trying to prepare for holidays and continued: “My entire family is coming today so I decided to do the keratin treatment that I love to do.” This just removes the frizz so I was like “I will do that early,” I said.
Since her usual salon is closed, as Hoda explained, she had her stylist complete an at-home keratin treatment instead—and that’s where things got a little tricky since her hair came out aLotsDifferently than what we had expected. “Three hour later, I got up. It was almost like the fire-engine orange,” she said. “Like Bozo orange. It was orange.