You can become a guest host Bachelor? Hilary Duff says, “Why not?” 

The How I Met Your Father actress will join leading man Clayton Echard Watch as he seeks love during his first date with the group. Next week’s episode will feature this scene. The BachelorThe program airs Monday, January 10.  

Hilary, as part of the “group date activity,” will ask the ladies for their help to throw the Beverly Hills dream birthday party. According to the synopsis of the episode.

But party planning can take a very dramatic turn when one woman becomes more involved in Clayton’s company than the children. This causes the other women to have strong feelings about the event. 

But Hilary won’t be the only famous friend coming in to aid Clayton on his quest to find true love. Former footballer also sought the assistance of comedian and writer Ziwe, who will accompany him on the episode’s second group date and help him spot the red flags of his potential suitors before he gets down on one knee.