Sometimes, thanking you is not enough.

After six years and more that 130 episodes, One Tree HillPeyton Sawyer from’s Peyton Sawyer. Hilarie BurtonDue to a toxic work environment, she decided to leave the show that had put her on the map. It was an industry veteran who gave her the courage.

The Oct. 25 episode is available on iHeartRadio. Drama QueensPodcast, Hilarie was overcome with emotion when she recalled her former co-star’s support. Moira had given her when it was time to decide if she should stay with the series or embark on another adventure.

“Moira! This is the first time that I’ve seen your face since I quit the show. I’ve wanted to tell you this for years and years and years, but in the last episode of the show, everyone in my world was telling me, ‘You can’t leave. You can’t leave,'” Hilarie shared. “I didn’t direct because it was so awful. You came and you sat next to me and you started off by just joking, and you were like, ‘What’s going on?'”