After the second season’s release, Emily in Paris was relegated to the number 10 spot. The action-comedy series starring Lily Collins is the smash hit Netflix series.

Leading character Emily played by Lily CollinsHer wardrobe is more statement-making than ever. Marylin Fitoussi is the costume designer for this series and has introduced many new fashion trends to costume and fashion. The fashion takeaways from this show include a typical way of styling, flaunting luxury brands with French berets, Balmain clichés, and baguette, and accessorizing correctly.

Let’s look at the top fashion trends from Season 2 on this popular TV show.

The power shoulders will be here for the long-term

Emily is a strong character in the second season. Emily was given a wider shoulder by the designing department. The oversized silhouettes show how different styles were from the ones we wear today. In the 1980s, rigid shoulders were popular. Boho maxi dress australiaThe outfit looks great with the narrow sleeves.

This is the first episode Emily in Paris season 2Camille is a fictional character who wears a blazer, with an oversize cut and long sleeves. The character’s shoulders are high enough to reach the ears, giving it a bold and determined look.

You need the right number of patterns and the right type

Eye-catching was Emily’s choice of many prints she wore in Paris to bars and cafes. These prints were just right in terms of the proportions. Emily was a master in the high-waisted Mugler pants paired with a ribbed top. With its beige and black patterns, the floral printed clothing stood out in later seasons. The character was later seen in a mini-dress with Christian Louboutin that featured florals and polka dots. Every printed outfit in the collection was unique because of how well the designers kept it simple.

Accessorizing makes all the differences

Emily Cooper’s ensemble was dominated by the high boots and the large sunglasses. They perfectly match the rest of her outfit. These Balenciaga boots were worn by the character in episode one of Emily in Paris. We were able to see the depth and boldness of Lily Cooper’s character through the sunglasses. The glasses have oversized frames and belong to many titles such as Mui Mui, Valentino and others. In most episodes, the big gloves were present in various colors and styles. This fingerless style brought back the Nineties look to the series. You could choose from a variety of designs, although the best ones attracted people were those with animal print or pink tulle.

Never was midriff-show more stylish

Many characters are afraid of showing off their skin, particularly the midriff. Emily broke the stereotype by demonstrating how easy it is to excel in this style. Emily had many characters who wore stomach-gagging tops, jeans, and dresses that showed the characters’ bodies.