Now, who is on Team Emily? Collins, Collins’ closest friend off-screen and on-screen. Ashley ParkMindy is played by.

Park shared, “It’s almost like Mindy said in the final scene.” She wants [Emily] to kind of figure out what she wants and she needs and then do that.”

Finding it hard to root for his character against the likes of Emily’s competing love interest, Alfie—played by Lucien Laviscount—Bravo’s hopes for Gabriel’s future are simple.

He shared that he believed in the end Gabriel would be content, happy and able to succeed with his restaurant. Love wins in the end.

Laviscount said that most cast members are rooting for their characters. He believes that Camille, Gabriel, and Emily could work together in the love triangle.

He actually had an intriguing solution. He said, “You know what?” He said. “Ménage à trois.”

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