Mistaken identity can happen to even the most powerful Hollywood superheroes.

However Ryan Reynolds has earned his status as an A-list star thanks to roles in films like DeadpoolAnd The ProposalHowever, some New Yorkers are still not able to believe that he’s just another actor.

While appearing in the Dec. 20, episode of The Dear Hank, JohnReynolds explained that sometimes he gets lost in the podcast. Ben Affleck.

He said, “There’s an East Village pizza restaurant in New York I’ve been to for years.” They believe that I am Ben Affleck, and they have never corrected me. It would be a bad idea to reveal my identity.

Reynolds said, “I do all things normal as everybody else,” Reynolds continued. “They think that I am Ben Affleck. They’ll then ask me how it happened.” J.Lo is and I’m like, ‘great, good.’ The pizza is delivered and I’m ready to go!”

Another hurdle Reynolds has faced is people thinking he’s that other Canadian Ryan, Ryan Gosling.