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If you’re not paying attention, The Real Housewives of Miami rIf you don’t eboot with Peacock, then you’re missing out. Every episode is a treat. Major part of that is thanks to Alexia Echevarria. She has more going on in one episode than some reality stars go through for multiple seasons. Alexia is the star of the show. She is incredibly compelling to watch because she’s so candid about her family’s struggles. Alexia is so funny because she doesn’t care about the drama of being a Housewife. She just allows it all to roll off her shoulders and responds with grace and confidence to whatever comes her way.

There’s also the glamour. Alexia has a beautiful home and car. She also enjoys the finest clothes. In a recent episode, it was quite surprising to see Alexia do her own makeup. To find out what products Alexia uses, click on the pause button.