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That’s at least how it works. Coco Austin and Ice-T find a balance between family time with daughter Chanel, 6,, well, alone time.

He spends the day filming on sets. Law & Order: SVUThe actor, along with his 21-year-old wife, host evenings on Chanel. It’s so cute that he becomes a little bear and she is his toy. She could say anything to him, and he will get it,” the model said on CelebHomes News’ Daily PopFebruary 28, 2008. “At night, we make our beds into family beds: We all transform our family bed into our bonding time, since dad isn’t there during the day.

They have learned how to organize intimate moments. She explained that sexy times are now more difficult because they have made it a family bed. We schedule these times. A dog handler is available to walk the dogs and a babysitter. This is a worthwhile investment because it will not last forever. This isn’t going to be her last chance at being like that.