Henry Golding is fighting for more representation in Hollywood.

Gold House held its first ever annual Gold Gala in Los Angeles, May 21. The actor talked about discrimination in his industry.  

CelebHomes News’ Golding, 35 said that she gets it “all the time.” I’m not Asian enough. I am not white enough. You have to be okay with it. This is something that will never change, even for the Asian population. The key is to hold on to my beliefs and the values that I cherish about me and not worry about what others think. So, for me, being Asian is a proud thing. I am proud of my British heritage, and that’s what I want in a person.

He encouraged young actors experiencing discrimination in the industry to stay true to themselves. You know exactly what I mean when you say, “You are in a party with one at the end. He continued. He continued, “Like you shouldn’t listen to the haters. If you have an objective, then you must do everything possible to achieve it. That sometimes means you need to let go of your ego, swallow your pride, be humble and do the best that you can.