Queen in all senses of the term.

Helen Mirren was honored with the Life Achievement Award during tonight’s 2022 SAG Awards on Feb. 27, and while the living legend’s acceptance speech was filled with inspirational wisdom and iconic anecdotes, she proved she really is just like us…with a poop joke no less.

Mirren opened her speech by saying, “Lifetime achievement sounds so great.” According to that measurement, Mirren is eligible. My mantra is essentially, “Be on-time and don’t give an ass.” I have achieved any success in my life.

Oscar winner, the cheeky Oscar-winner said, “Thanks S-A-G so much for that.” At my age, I don’t like to use the term ‘SAG. S-A-G is the correct spelling.

Mirren dedicated her speech to actors, addressing all the stars in the room, “There is the conflict that I believe you all understand. It’s insecurity against ego. It is that cocktail I think most actors have in their evenings as they consider the incredible gift they received when they became an actor.