Heidi KlumA top doesn’t necessarily have to include a top.

On July 29, the supermodel posted a picture on Instagram of her looking out at the ocean while sporting white bikinis and no top.

The image featured a tropical view and was captioned by her: “My hot summer girl 2022.”

Heidi was not content with the photo of her in scorching heat. August 1, 2009, the America’s Got TalentJudge posted this clip in which she is seen in pink and orange bikinis, stretching out as she lies in the sun. Her comment was “Monday.”

Heidi seems to be having fun out in the sun. Heidi also revealed that she keeps her body cool and hydrated while trying to beat heat.

How, exactly? She said that she is able to prevent her skin from getting too hot whenever it needs.

She stated, “I simply tell myself to stop sweating in the face. Then I just sweat wherever you don’t see it.” The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. It’s my gift. Because I do not show it, it’s kept secret.”