Dr. is back… his wife is also there!

The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Heather DubrowSurprise appearance made on the all-new episode tonight of BotchedHer husband was Dr. Terry Dubrow, wanted to introduce her to first-time patient Anakaliya.

A self-described “sexy vamptress,” Anakaliya explained in a confessional that she’s been 25 for the past 4,000 years. 

She stated, “I like the look of vampires.” She said, “They are very sensual, sexy and mysterious, with their fangs being sexy. “So I bought some fangs.”

She didn’t get everything she wanted. Over the years, Anakaliya’s had four breast surgeries, an upper eyelid procedure, a rib removal and, much to Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Paul NassifSurprise, it was an operation to create a “designer ovarian.” 

Essentially, as Anakaliya tells the BotchedDrs. She wanted an accentuated camel toe.

Dr. Dubrow replied, “You want to show the camel’s toe these days?” Dr. Dubrow agreed. Dr. Dubrow replied, “Like it or not?”