Too good to be true It is notBe true. 

You can be sure that actors are like Ed HelmsAnd Randall Park, who have both starred in several iconic films and television shows, have their fair share of on and off-set stories to tell—however, while their new Peacock series The True Story of Ed and Randall does indeed recount the most extraordinary tales with surprising twists along the way, they’re not the actors’ own.

Helms exclusively told CelebHomes News that “Randall” and “I” are sitting down together with ordinary people every day.

“We hear incredible stories—true stories!—from their lives, and we’ve never heard the stories before, which is part of the fun,” he continued.

Then, according to Park, “we reach out to our celebrity friends and have them play these characters in these stories and we basically create these reenactments—a biopic, if you will—of these incredible storytellers’ tales.”

There are many guests stars that will take part in the stories, which range from heartwarming to hilarious. Terry Crews, Lauren Ash, Rob RiggleMaz JobraniThere are many other options.