Our favorite BFFs are heading back to our small screens!

Peacock’s Rutherford FallsThe streamer will be back for season 2 on June 16. The streamer gave us a glimpse at the future for the dynamic duo Nathan Rutherford & Reagan Wells. Ed Helms and Jana Schmieding, respectively. 

The trailer opens with Bobbie (Jesse Leigh) telling the heritage museum director, “Nathan, you’ve missed so much. The town’s revamped, my 18th birthday.”

But Nathan cuts in, “I did send you that Cameo from Olivia Rodrigo‘s horse.”

Yet it seems that Nathan has missed more than just Bobbie’s birthday party. Specifically, the town may or may not have had a funeral for someone that wasn’t dead. 

As the trailer continues, Reagan unveils the new Minishonka cultural center,And Nelson (Dallas Goldtooth(co-curator).

You’re touching them with your bare hands.” Nelson was seen holding an object.

He says, “You don’t want to touch with your hands wrapped in gloves?” In which she replies, “You don’t know what man is into.”